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Mums & Babies

We support early bonding and development by supporting mums and dads experiencing post-natal difficulties (post-natal depression, anxiety) or generally feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the stressors of early parenting.

Anxiety & Depression

It is very common for children and adolescents to experience a wide range of anxiety and mood difficulties at some point in their lives. We support children, teens and their parents in treating these fears, worries and low periods by developing coping skills.

School Stress

Many children and adolescents are stressed and struggle to cope with the academic and social demands of school. We support children and their families to develop resilience in the face of these challenges.

Behaviour Difficulties

We provide parents of primary school aged children with support and guidance in managing behavioural challenges, and the emotional dysregulation that usually accompanies these episodes.

Trauma, Grief and Bereavement

We support children and young people in the aftermath of traumatic events and bereavement, and also support their parents in managing the effects of trauma or loss on their children.

Parenting Support

We provide counselling, support and education to parents around a subject of concern for their child.

Adjustment & Transitions

We support children, teens and their families in navigating changes related to moving homes, schools, and divorce or re-marriage.

Early Childhood Development

We support parents of young children (usually under the age of 6 years) with common developmental challenges. These usually include toileting, behavioural struggles, separation anxiety, sleep difficulties, feeding and eating, and the development of fine/gross-motor and visual-perceptual skills.


We support re-integration back into school/home after prolonged hospital stays or operations.

NDIS Assessments

We provide evidence of disability assessment and report writing for children under the age of 6 to support an application for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.